My Slant

Upon learning about this blog and what it is supposed to be about last night, I was told I should have a slant. A theme, a general feel or a specific purpose for the blog. What if I don’t know my slant? Well, apparently, it is ok not to know your slant. It will just appear over time.

I ignored my slant for the meantime but as I had yet another conversation tonight with another friend and began catching her up on my dating life, I felt a slant begin to emerge. Is my slant supposed to be my dating stories? If so, is my purpose to inform everyone out there that it is not for my lack of trying that I am single but due to various other factors? – my own baggage not being one of those factors!

I’m not quite sure I’m ready to divulge my dating life through this public domain. I mean, is it really fair to the guy with the weeping eye or the uninvited kisser to share their shortcomings over the internet? Should I really retell the story of the guy who tripped over his tapered jeans while he named every breed of dog we came across in the park?

Perhaps it will be more of a general slant, showcasing my cynicism of all that surrounds me.

I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait and see.



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