Massaging me into therapy

I was visiting a friend in my building last night. She is a fellow teacher but is also a registered massage therapist. Knowing that I have had some recent back pain (and having done some emergency work before I could get an appointment), she asked how my back was. I told her it was a little better. She then asked me about my last massage. I was trying out a new massage therapist.

My old massage therapist was great however, it was located near my old work and I wanted to find one that was closer. This brings me to how one shops for a new massage therapist. I immediately went on the internet and simply looked up some massage therapy places. I usually would take more time to shop but my back was so bad, it was keeping me up at night. What can I say? I was desperate!

On the day of my appointment, I entered into the massage therapist’s office and was greeted by a ten-year old boy who sat behind the desk. Correction. I greeted a ten-year old boy who sat behind the desk and who responded with complete silence. It only took me about two minutes to realize that the only two people in the office were me and this boy. Awkward. After about 15 awkward minutes of waiting, the boy finally called the person I can only presume was his Mother to come back.

The 40 something hippy that walked in greeted me abruptly and kept walking. A few minutes later, I was asked to follow her to the back. In the massage room, I was asked to sit in the “throne”, a large wicker chair straight out of “Three’s Company” (or was it a wicker shelf in the show?…) I sat and we chatted about what the problem was and I told her my friend had suggested I have a full body relaxation massage. That massage wasn’t so bad. Nothing stellar but the experience didn’t weird me out enough to turn me away. I booked an appointment for the following week.

My second appointment was a slightly different experience. I opted for another full body relaxation massage. Again the massage was fine and nothing stellar until the end. I was on my back and the massage therapist was behind my head, massaging my shoulders and neck. I often keep my eyes closed during a massage so I suppose it was the sense that something was off that woke me out of my half slumber. The therapist was massaging me but every so often, she would slow down or stop massaging and, with her eyes closed, would appear as if she was falling asleep. You know when someone does that head bobbing thing when they are falling asleep while sitting up? She was doing that right over my head! I was afraid she would fall right on top of me. I wasn’t sure at that point whether she was actually falling asleep. I mean, she’s a bit of a hippy so perhaps she was doing some weird energy thing. Maybe she was sensing my aura (is there such a thing?!)

Anyway, the whole experience creeped me out a bit and I think it just may be worth the 35 minute drive to go back to my old place.


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