The Smoke Alarm Mishap *By request

By request, I will share another story involving my smoke alarm.

One night, I arrived home from work and began my usual routine of changing into comfy clothes and starting dinner. As I was upstairs changing, I heard a beep coming from downstairs. It was one of those things you don’t admit at first that you’ve just heard so you ignore it. About a minute later. I heard it again. This time I went downstairs, hoping to find the source of the beep. I hung around down there until sure enough, it happened again. I immediately looked up at my smoke alarm. I had been having problems (see post below!) and figured the battery was low.

Knowing I didn’t have the right kind of battery, I went downstairs to the convenience store and purchased an overpriced 9 volt battery. Once back upstairs, I heard the beep again and quickly got back up on the chair to change the battery. As I unscrewed the smoke alarm to find that it in fact, did not even take a battery and was hooked up to my building.

Lesson #1: Never purchase an overpriced battery based on an assumption.

This was most distressing. With every beep, I was continually perplexed. I did the next logical thing. I called my brother to ask him what it could be. Being the calming force that he is, he suggested that perhaps it was a hidden carbon monoxide detector and I may find myself poisoned before finding the source of the beep. I then called my parents.

I was literally standing on the chair peering up at the smoke alarm while speaking with them. Indeed, this was a mystery. It always seemed that when I got off the chair, I heard the beep. I got back on and fiddled some more with some wires.

Then it happened. I heard the beep again but this time it seemed further away. While up on the chair, the sound seemed to come from below. I looked down and suddenly realized the source of the beep.

It was my new cell phone beeping because I had a voicemail message.

Perhaps I need this device.


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  1. samantha

    oh my Kelly….I think this smoke alarm fear will haunt you for the rest of you time in that condo! I throughly enjoyed the story though!

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