Ahhh…the memories

Carne Station. Quite possibly the best restaurant in South Korea.
There are many things that remind me of my time spent overseas. While I try not to spend too much time living in the past, it is still difficult to shake what I still consider to be a vibrant time in my life.
I was leafing through the Canadian Tire flyer today and came across this. It brought an instant smile to my face and I knew what I had to write about. This is the EZ Pull 6 – drink server. You simply put your glass under the bottle and push up and voila, out comes exactly one shot of alcohol. How do I know this? Read the following excerpt below!
“Carne Station was a restaurant where, for about twenty dollars, a person could indulge in all-you-can-eat meat and all-you-can-drink alcohol for as long as it was open. This place had taken traditional Korean barbequing and had combined it with the magic of a US style buffet. To visit this place was more than a meal. It was an experience. Because we were seated at large tables, it became very clear that we had to divide duties in order to get all of the necessary ingredients, utensils, plates and sauces for us to get started with the cooking. One person would grab a plate and immediately start piling on the raw meat. Another person would be responsible for the rice. Yet another person would get the various kinds of lettuce and some sauces and a fourth person would be required to gather all necessary utensils and individual plates. Although this seemed like a communal way to enjoy a variety of traditional foods in an American setting, combining alcohol with this only proved to be too much for us foreigners. The alcohol station consisted of upside down bottles of liquor in a carousel type contraption at the ready for our double and triple shot drinks. Simply raising a glass to this contraption (almost as if you were toasting it) provided you with a perfectly measured shot. This seemed like heaven! Needless to say after shoving our faces full of meat and our guts full of hard liquor, we inevitably got loud and always had to be asked to leave as we always shamelessly shut the place down! Since the restaurant closed at ten oclock, it was never a late night but was always a night where we were left with complete gut rot from the gluttony.”


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2 responses to “Ahhh…the memories

  1. Regan Ross

    Love the comment … and it’s way “safer” than anything I could say/write about my experiences at Carne. Truly was the epicenter of many, many Korean blurry nights.

  2. Teresa

    Ahhh.. the sweet, sweet memories of good times, food poisoning and the killer soju hangover. Why don’t they have all-you-can-drink restaurants in Canada?? If I win the lottery, I’ll start one up… just for old time’s sake!

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