Ode to a Grande Non-Fat Tazo Chai

Ok, I admit it. I love Starbucks. I used to avoid the company at all costs, wanting desperately to step out of the cloud of consumerism but living in a place where the comforts of home are limited, I turned to Starbucks and found my own little “Hernando’s Hideaway”. Since then, I have developed a love affair with their Grande Non-Fat Tazo Chai. When I swallow that first sip of chai, I literally feel myself melt away into my own little dream world.

As a tribute to my part-time lover, I have written an ode…(ahem – just clearing my throat)

Ode to the Grande Non-Fat Tazo Chai

Oh Chai Latte, so warm and milky,

Filling me up and making me glow.

Your cinnaminy bite, and frothy hat,

make you my perfect companion at any time of day.

You make me forget the paper and emails,

the lack of sleep and the “to do” lists.

Your grande size is oh so grand,

and your sippy lid makes me spill less often.

Don’t worry my little chai friend,

I will keep you warm with a stylish, cardboard sleeve.

And we will walk among the falling leaves,

cup and hand…

Until the time will come when tragically,

I shall toss you out, with your sippy lid and sleeve still on.

But fear not, my vanilla, nutmeg wonder,

we will cherish the foamy 82 degree memories,

and look forward to our next rendezvous.

Thank you…thank you very much…



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5 responses to “Ode to a Grande Non-Fat Tazo Chai

  1. Kate

    Is the Chai really served at 82 degrees??

  2. Kelry

    I’m not sure but I read that is the recommended temperature to serve coffee at!

  3. samantha

    The Chai and all other Lattes, Cappucinos, Mochas etc made at Starbucks are served at 150F…just an fyi…I am sooo glad to hear how much you love the Buck!!! As you know I am a coffee snob and am also partial to the Tazo Chai..mmmm!

  4. Kelry

    Do I have to change my poem now? haha.

  5. samantha

    I won’t tell anyone…you can keep the poem as is 🙂

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