Only Me!

Every once in awhile, we are reminded of just how small the world is. This happens usually when we run into people or meet people with whom we discover an odd coincidence. My story is similar to that but in the fashion that typically accompanies my life, it has an odd and creepy twist.

I seem to have a familiar face. I hear it all the time. People tell me I look familiar and ask me if I’ve taught other places, done certain activities or been to other places. I wasn’t surprised when, upon meeting my next door neighbour’s girlfriend, she stated that she thought she knew me from somewhere. I shrugged it off at the time thinking that I wouldn’t really see her again (people have a strange way of hiding from eachother in my building) and secretly hoped it wasn’t true since I have heard them…uh…frolicking a few times in the past.

I ran into her again last night and she said with confidence “I finally know where I know you from”. Hesitantly, I replied “yes?” I know that I physically cringed when I said this because she pointed it out to me later. Flashes of the sounds I heard that kept me awake at night filled my head as I braced myself for her answer.

“You taught me at (school name here).”

Are you kidding me? You mean, not only do I feel old because my ex-student is living next door to me but I am actually listening to moans of ecstasy coming from an old student??

I somehow managed not to vomit as I shrunk back into my condo. A smile came to my face when I realized that this story is just so typical of things that happen to me.



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