Happy Pants

On occasion, I like to wear happy pants. I like them because they are comfortable and most of all, because they bring a smile to my face at unexpected times throughout my day.

What are happy pants? Well, they are fun pairs of underwear that always have bright colours on them and often include fun phrases and pictures on them. They make me happy because I often forget after getting dressed in the morning that I have them on and then throughout the day, when going to the washroom, I am quickly reminded of the happiness that is hiding beneath my pants.

My favourite pair were bright green with even brighter pink trim on them. On the front was an old fashioned pink gun (like from the Wild West!) and on the back, the words “Shoot ’em up!”

I really wish I had a picture of these but unfortunately, awhile back, I decided I needed to be more mature and I got rid of all of my happy pants. After having written this though, I think I just may go out to Walmart and buy some new ones. Stay tuned for Happy Pants – Part Deux.



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One response to “Happy Pants

  1. samantha

    I too have happy pants and love them!! I was unable to wear them for about 6 months…but am glad to have them back in my life! Whoot Whoot!

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