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Meteorological “Events”

In catching the weather reports in the last little while, I’ve noticed that everything that is happening weather-wise, seems to be dubbed and ‘event’.

The other day we had a “wind event”. Not simply a windy day but a “wind event”. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was indeed a blustery day but I went about my daily activities as normal and other than noting a few things the wind had blown over or knocked down, it was in my opinion, rather uneventful.

A few weeks ago, we had a snowstorm warning. Apparently, to everyone’s surprise, the temperature rose and instead of snow we got…you guessed it, a “rain event”. Again, it was quite rainy but I continued to see the term “rain event” being thrown around recklessly over repeated weather reports. I didn’t understand why there was a dire need to report about rain so often in the evening. Unlike the forementioned “wind event”, which got some post event coverage showing “felled” trees (yes, another term I’ve learned watching weather reports), the rain event was not even mentioned the next day. As ridiculous as the “rain event” was in the first place, it seemed even more ridiculous to highlight the insignificance of this event even more by not even mentioning it the next day.

In this outbreak of a need for meteorologists to justify their jobs, there seems to have been an onslaught of new terminology as well as some clarification of known weather terminology. Two days ago, a woman who was reporting the weather, actually took time out of the weather report to clarify that she wasn’t using the term “blizzard” because that implied that there was a possible threat to lives with the temperatures and weather conditions. Hmmm…that’s funny. I just looked up the term blizzard, and here’s what I found:


/ˈblɪzərd/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [bliz-erd] Show IPA Pronunciation
a.a storm with dry, driving snow, strong winds, and intense cold.
b.a heavy and prolonged snowstorm covering a wide area. inordinately large amount all at one time; avalanche: a blizzard of Christmas cards. –verb (used without object) snow as a blizzard: Looks as though it’s going to blizzard tonight.

Note the above use of the term “blizzard” in a sentence. While a blizzard could possibly present some life threatening circumstances to some people, so could intense cold or even simply a body of water for that matter.

In keeping with this new weather lingo, I will end this by reporting on the weather as I see it, outside of my windows…

Well folks, it looks like another intense day filled with low temperatures hovering around the freezing mark. Notice that I mentioned the freezing mark. This means that there is only a minor possibility of people freezing mid-step if they walk down the streets. Note that there is still a threat of getting tongues stuck to poles so watch out and steer clear of this danger. There is a slight breeze right now but be warned, this could turn into a possible wind event. This could mean that the snow sitting on the ground right now could get blown around creating wet conditions on anything it touches.


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So This is Christmas

My apologies for the lack of entries lately. I’ve been a little wrapped up in the holiday season. Basking in all of the joy and happiness this holiday brings, I literally get swept away in everything Christmas. This year, it seems I have literally been on a steady high since the holiday season began. Aside from doing the extra special things like decorating the tree and baking cookies, it seems that this year has brought with it a little extra joy – and it’s not just me who feels it.

I was in Abercrombie the other day, standing in a line that wrapped around the middle of the store and went through two rooms. I didn’t mind though. I had fully accepted the fact that I was going to be in that stinky store for awhile so I stood in pleasant silence. Then, the two women in front of me, who were trying to figure out which bottle of perfume/cologne was for men and which was for women, asked my opinion. A conversation began and we were all laughing and joking about our confusion. This…with total strangers. This is something that would not normally happen. Not on a normal day in Toronto, and not typically with me playing such an active role.

What is it about this season that brings the patience, compassion and love out of people? I know it does it for me. It manifests itself as a physical feeling for me. I literally feel as if every happy emotion is building up inside me, from my stomach up to my shoulders. I feel as if I’m going to burst. I think for many of us, it is a reflective time of year. A time that allows us to face the past year of our own behaviour and make changes that reflect in minor decisions made to affect the life of someone else in a positive way. If there really is a “spirit of Christmas” that comes out in all of us, how do we get it to come out at other times of the year? If it did, would the magic that comes out at Christmas lose its lustre? While I will contemplate these things heading into the new year, I will simply continue to enjoy what is right now during this special season.

Merry Christmas!

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My Favourite Things

It is the little things in life that often bring me joy. There are things that happen on a daily basis that make me smile, laugh or that simply warm my heart. Below is a list of my favourite things.

1. Sleep – I love everything about it. I love the moment just before I turn out the light. I actually get a little excited knowing I’m about to indulge in many hours of sleep filled with vivid dreams.

2. All things soft and fluffy – I’m the person that can’t resist touching anything that looks soft or fluffy. I base many of my clothing purchases on the feel of the material. Fleece comes in handy for this. I have fleece tops and fleece pants and even own a set of fleece sheets and pillow cases.

3. Discovering new music – I never really used to be into searching and looking up new bands and music but a friend who set up a CD exchanged a few years back inspired me to do my own search. Since then, when I discover a great band, or some great music, it just fills me up and makes me want to share it with everyone.

4. Gift opening – When I’ve found someone the perfect gift, I love the moments leading up to the unwrapping. The anticipation leading up to their discovery and the look on their face afterward.

5. Milk and Spaghetti – I’m not sure why but I feel that a tall glass of milk is the perfect side to a plate of spaghetti. The funny thing is, I don’t even really like milk but end up chugging down large quantities of it when I eat spaghetti.

6. Water – I like the sound of it. I like the smell of it. I like the feel of it. There is something calming about being near any body of water. Something hypnotic about the constantly changing and moving state of it.

7. Music from the 50’s and 60’s – Perhaps it is because I feel I was born at the wrong time but I just love music from the 50’s and 60’s. Though I love everything about these decades, I think it is the music that beatifully reflects the simplicity, idealism and optimism of the time.

8. Getting a haircut – Going to the hairdressers is like escaping to an oasis of scalp massaging.

9. Sunshine – I don’t even feel like this one needs an explanation.

10. The Human Spirit – Being in the profession that I am, I have to believe in the good of all humans. Lucky for me, I get to see it in action. There is nothing more satisfying than when I see someone who’s clearly made a poor decision, realizes it, and does something to correct it. It constantly restores my faith in humanity.

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