My Favourite Things

It is the little things in life that often bring me joy. There are things that happen on a daily basis that make me smile, laugh or that simply warm my heart. Below is a list of my favourite things.

1. Sleep – I love everything about it. I love the moment just before I turn out the light. I actually get a little excited knowing I’m about to indulge in many hours of sleep filled with vivid dreams.

2. All things soft and fluffy – I’m the person that can’t resist touching anything that looks soft or fluffy. I base many of my clothing purchases on the feel of the material. Fleece comes in handy for this. I have fleece tops and fleece pants and even own a set of fleece sheets and pillow cases.

3. Discovering new music – I never really used to be into searching and looking up new bands and music but a friend who set up a CD exchanged a few years back inspired me to do my own search. Since then, when I discover a great band, or some great music, it just fills me up and makes me want to share it with everyone.

4. Gift opening – When I’ve found someone the perfect gift, I love the moments leading up to the unwrapping. The anticipation leading up to their discovery and the look on their face afterward.

5. Milk and Spaghetti – I’m not sure why but I feel that a tall glass of milk is the perfect side to a plate of spaghetti. The funny thing is, I don’t even really like milk but end up chugging down large quantities of it when I eat spaghetti.

6. Water – I like the sound of it. I like the smell of it. I like the feel of it. There is something calming about being near any body of water. Something hypnotic about the constantly changing and moving state of it.

7. Music from the 50’s and 60’s – Perhaps it is because I feel I was born at the wrong time but I just love music from the 50’s and 60’s. Though I love everything about these decades, I think it is the music that beatifully reflects the simplicity, idealism and optimism of the time.

8. Getting a haircut – Going to the hairdressers is like escaping to an oasis of scalp massaging.

9. Sunshine – I don’t even feel like this one needs an explanation.

10. The Human Spirit – Being in the profession that I am, I have to believe in the good of all humans. Lucky for me, I get to see it in action. There is nothing more satisfying than when I see someone who’s clearly made a poor decision, realizes it, and does something to correct it. It constantly restores my faith in humanity.

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One response to “My Favourite Things

  1. Regan Ross

    Kelly … this post made my day!!! Especially #10.

    Merry Christmas

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