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Since the build up to and the excitment following the inaugeration of Barack Obama, there have been a flurry of comments regarding the future of the Western world and the elusive man himself.

It has been interesting experiencing this important time in history but what has been even more interesting is observing people’s reactions to it all. To me, and I believe to many others, this man represents far more than just a turn in the Western world’s racist history. He even represents more than simply a right answer to eight years of absurdity.

To watch this man and how he carries himself is a lesson to us all. He has a quiet confidence that is untouchable yet very welcoming. His posture, his demeanor and his facial expressions all radiate this confidence onto others. Not claiming to be perfect yet comfortable with his great intelligence, he is a man who doesn’t discount anything yet has the courage to come to his own conclusions. When he speaks, he commands an audience. Choosing his words carefully, it is obvious that the value he places on the English language, he applies to all other aspects of his life.

All of this, combined with the dreadful state of the Western world create the perfect conditions for real change. I feel the Western world is getting to its breaking point. Mass consumerism and misplaced values have left people exhausted and defeated. People seem to be yearning for a reason to break free from the throes of modern society. You can see it in their faces when they listen to his speeches. It is not just a general hope for the future they are placing in him but a desperate hope to save themselves. I think people are starting to realize they simply cannot keep up with the frantic pace of their own egos.

The hope lies not just in future policies and actions from this man but more in people’s reactions to his leadership by example. People pick up on the fact that in spite of the mess he was left, he has already remained grounded and focused. If he can manage to continue being a strong example of someone who lives a life with true values, perhaps humanity has a hope in actively seeking that out for themselves and that, will create the real change this world needs.



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Escaping Winter

It seems that during this time of the year, everyone has some complaint about the weather. None of us, no matter how hard we try to embrace it, like winter. Take me for example. I’ve tried to embrace winter by trying what might seem like enjoyable outdoor activities. I’ve tried speed skating. Speed skating = numb bum. I’ve also tried skiing. Skiing = that nasty feeling of being sweaty and freezing cold at the same time.

While we all seem to be retreating into our homes in a state of half-hibernation, biding our time until the temperature rises to a more bearable degree, I’ve decided to put together a little list of things we can all use as a form of escapism from winter.

1. READ – It seems simple enough and while I read all year long, I feel fairly guilt-free for spending almost an entire Sunday afternoon lying on my couch reading. Escaping into the plot of a good book makes winter temporarily go away!

2. DRINKING AT A PUB – It warms you up and if you can find a pub with a little fireplace in it, even better! Cozying up with friends around one of those little wooden tables that realistically only seems to seat one and sharing a pint is, in my opinion, a very constructive way of escaping winter.

3. MAKING A MIXED CD – A timeless classic that is appreciated by all. While discovering new music and going through an extensive selection process not only are you in the process of escaping winter but create a concrete emergency escapist CD. When you are maneuvering your car through unplowed roads and using up an entire bottle of windshield washer fluid just to go to the grocery store, you just pop that baby in and *poof*, winter disappears.

4. STARBUCKS – If any of you read my “Ode to a Grande Non-fat Tazo Chai” post, you won’t be the least bit surprised to see this on here. Seriously though, how is it possible not to get lost in that creamy, sweet n’ spicy goodness that Starbucks serves up for a mere fiver?

5. MOVIES – Whether it is at the theatre or at home, who doesn’t want to live vicariously through gorgeous celebs who all seem to find their happily ever after all in the span of two hours?



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For those of you who do not normally pay attention to my little seeqpod player in the top right corner, take the time now to play the song as you read this. This song is what motivated me to get off my butt and greet the new year in my blog.

It’s an old song, but one that, when it comes on the radio, you just have to turn up really loud and move to. This song sounds the best when it is blaring through your car speakers in the summertime and you are driving with the windows down.

This is the song that makes me feel (even if only temporarily) like I can conquer the world and any problems that come my way. I feel tough and yet I always have a beaming smile on my face when listening to it!

It is amazing the power a song can have over a person. It can temporarily provide an escape from reality or in my case, bring a person back to reality.

Happy New Year Everybody!

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