For those of you who do not normally pay attention to my little seeqpod player in the top right corner, take the time now to play the song as you read this. This song is what motivated me to get off my butt and greet the new year in my blog.

It’s an old song, but one that, when it comes on the radio, you just have to turn up really loud and move to. This song sounds the best when it is blaring through your car speakers in the summertime and you are driving with the windows down.

This is the song that makes me feel (even if only temporarily) like I can conquer the world and any problems that come my way. I feel tough and yet I always have a beaming smile on my face when listening to it!

It is amazing the power a song can have over a person. It can temporarily provide an escape from reality or in my case, bring a person back to reality.

Happy New Year Everybody!


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