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25 From A to Z

With the flood of new notes that people are posting on Facebook these days, I thought I would take the time to combine two that I liked, and post them on here. The first of my faves is the “25 Random Facts”. This allows the writer total freedom to share 25 quirky and interesting facts about themselves in no particular order. The second post I like is the A to Z one. I like this one because it was a post where the writer comes up with the names of people in their lives that begin with each letter of the alphabet. I like this one because it allows the author to say nice facts about the people they love. I choose to post on this venue rather than facebook for the simple fact that only the people I am close to have access to this blog. This begs the following questions: Who are these posts really for? Are they for the readers or is their real purpose an exercise in a bit of self-realization for the author? I guess we’ll find out!

26 Random facts and special people from A to Z

1. A – Adam – A daily influence. The missing piece of logic from my brain. My brother.

2. B – Brad – An inspiration. Hilarious. Quirky, like me.

3. C – Chocolate – I can eat this at any time of the day. If it were socially appropriate and healthy, I’d eat it for breakfast.

4. D – Dancing – I tell people I don’t like to dance but the truth is, I’m not a very good dancer and therfore don’t really like it. I secretly wish I had the grace of a dancer though.

5. E – Evan – My favourite name.

6. F – Fire – There is something mesmerizing about fire. I, like many people become hypnotised by any open flame.

7. G – Gillian – One of my best friends. I like the way she throws herself into any story or problem I tell her. She doesn’t just sit there and listen but asks challenging questions that make me see different sides of it.

8. H – Heart – I think with my heart. It gets me into a lot of trouble but I know no other way.

9. I – Impatience – My family accuses me of this – and rightfully so. It is a definite weakness.

10. J – Japan – I would like to travel to Japan one day.

11. K – Korea – I’m constantly amazed at how much I miss this place. A place I used to refer to as the “armpit of Asia”. I miss it so much, it aches.

12. L – Latte. The greatest dessert/drink ever.

13. M – Mark – See “A” but without the logic bit. Mark’s brain works like mine, except he is just a little more obsessed with food than I am.

14. N – New York – The last place I traveled and a city that made me believe that bigger really is better.

15. O – Obama – I love this man. No surprise there though.

16. P – Poo – I talk about it a lot. I do try to remember Regan’s words of wisdom though: “Don’t talk about poo in front of guys”. Awww…crap I did it again, didn’t I Reg…

17. Q – Quirky – I am quirky but what most of you don’t know is that I’m quirkier than you all realize. I hold back a lot!

18. R – Regan – HUGE inspiration. Where do I start with this guy? The reason this blog exists. The motivation behind my current job and a breath of fresh air every time I talk to him.

19. S – Samantha – One of my oldest and best friends. She knows me more than I realize it at times and still has the same sense of humour she did when she was 8.

20. T – Travel – I miss it so much. Travel fills me up and makes me a better person.

21. U – Ukulele – Thanks to my little cousin, I’m now the proud owner of one.

22. V – Value – I’m learning to live my life with a greater awareness to the amount of value I place on things, situations and people. I believe this is one of the keys to finding balance and happiness in life.

23. W – Water – I love water. I love to drink it. I love to be in it. I love to be near it. The way it smells, the way it sounds. I love it.

24. X – Xana – I taught a student named Xana. A very cool name for a very cool teenager.

25. Y – Yoga – I don’t practice it regularly yet, but I will realize in the future, that practicing it will be vital to my daily living.

26. Z -New Zealand (yeah, I cheated a little). The place I would most like to live other than here.


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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Last night, I attended a reunion of sorts. It was a get together of people I had once marched with in a drum and bugle corps. Being sixteen years since I had seen everyone, I was very anxious about the entire experience to the point where I almost didn’t go.

Sixteen years is a long time. Many things have happened in my life that have shaped who I am today. What could I possibly still have in common with these people? I wasn’t interested in subjecting myself to a night of awkward surface conversation. Realizing that it was my own insecurities that were coming forward rather than any real doubts about what the night would bring, I changed out of my yoga pants and long-sleeved t-shirt and got myself ready.

Pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant with butterflies in my stomach, I was relieved when I pulled up beside two old friends. It seemed everything was going to be alright after all. We settled into the table, greeting the friends that were already there. They were genuine greetings but ones that hung in the air of choked emotion. It seemed we all needed to order a drink.

I was struck by the vast change in physical appearance in some people contrasted with no change whatsoever in others. Many of the men, I wouldn’t have recognized if I had run into them on the street but many of the women struck me as looking the same as their teenaged selves. As I observed the conversations though, familiar personalities emerged and suddenly I found myself in a room where I truly recognized everybody.

How does one start conversation with someone after sixteen years? You can’t simply say: “So what’s new with you?” Ummm…well, since the age of sixteen I’ve done quite a few new things. At the same time, how can you get into any real conversation without asking about a few things from the past? The initially disjointed conversations settled into a social rhythm with the aid of one thing. Mobile phones.

It seemed that the new common denominator for discovering some commonalities among us was a technology that barely existed (and which none of us had) in the early 90’s. As things began to settle and conversation became a little more normal, I was struggling to pay attention as past memories swept through me.

I spent many nights out with these friends in my teenage years. Many nights out for dinners and many nights at various people’s houses. We never really got into any trouble but there was always guaranteed to be adventure in some form with this group. Perhaps it was because we spent so many hours on buses travelling to parades and shows but we were masters of creating our own fun with very few resources. The smallest incident had us in stitches and laughter was always present on these occasions.

As this evening progressed, that same theme emerged as we relaxed and took comfort in taking the piss out of eachother and let more of our true personalities come out. By the end of the night, my face hurt from laughing and I began to remember why I had so many fond memories of my few years in drum corps. I also realized that none of us had truly changed. Sure, we are shaped by our experiences but the essence of who we are remains the same.

We said our goodbyes and left with promises of “doing this again” and “staying in touch” and “hanging out more”. I left the night a little disappointed it had come to an end but for once, truly hopeful that something like this happens again in the near future.

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Plastic Covered Couches

So I recently decided to enter into the modern high-tech world by finally getting a mobile phone plan. Yes, I did previously own a cell phone, but was content to use my pay-as-you-go cards for those necessary phone calls and texts. As my life has been progressively getting a little busier, I decided it was time to invest just a few more dollars in this added convenience.

I walked into the Rogers store and explained what I wanted. They assured me that they could provide me with everything that I needed and for the right price to boot. All of this happened but not without a few surprises.

First of all, I was told that I would have to get a new phone if I signed up for a plan with Rogers. What? My phone is only a year old and it is red. I like that it is red. My phone was a gift and that also pleases me. I didn’t want a new phone. Trying desperately not to sound ridiculously stupid and materialistic, I tried to plead my case to the Rogers guy. No deal. As he then tried to sell me a Blackberry instead for the low, low price of about $50/month, I reminisced about the early days of having my red phone. I was always very careful with it and even left the plastic protective sheets on it until they literally fell off. Once the plastic finally came off, I polished it and made sure there were as few fingerprints as possible on it.

When I finally snapped out of it, I looked down to see both a pink and a black Blackberry sitting in front of me. Luckily, I was strong enough to say right then and there that unfortunately, I didn’t think I would use it since I was not in business. I then realized that I was being ridiculous and that this phone was a small material item for which I should not be placing that much sentimental value. I agreed to the plan and was then given the choice a variety of phones. I then had to go into another schpiel of explaining that it had to be a Motorola phone and that my old phone was a gift from a friend who worked at Motorola and the least I could do was continute to support that company. He did look at me in an odd kind of way. Perhaps it was my wording…I seem to recall saying I needed to protect my friend’s job at Motorola. A little extreme I admit but I seemed to get my point across. I was given a choice of a black phone or a silver one. I chose silver secretly knowing that I could keep that one shinier than the black one.

The Rogers guy went to the back and returned with my new phone in the box. In one swift movement, he opened the box, pulled out the phone and peeled off all three protective wrappers. I gasped! How could he? How dare he? He clearly saw me gasp and looked at me with an eyebrow raised.

“Is something wrong?”

How could I explain this? The wrapping stays on until nature pulls it off?? I could protect that phone for at least a few weeks with the wrapping. Not wanting to share this latest and oddest piece of information I simply replied: “Oh nothing. It’s fine.”

Perhaps this was what I needed to A) realize that this was just a material item and nothing more and B) prevent myself from turning into one of those people that keeps the protective plastic on their couches.


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