Plastic Covered Couches

So I recently decided to enter into the modern high-tech world by finally getting a mobile phone plan. Yes, I did previously own a cell phone, but was content to use my pay-as-you-go cards for those necessary phone calls and texts. As my life has been progressively getting a little busier, I decided it was time to invest just a few more dollars in this added convenience.

I walked into the Rogers store and explained what I wanted. They assured me that they could provide me with everything that I needed and for the right price to boot. All of this happened but not without a few surprises.

First of all, I was told that I would have to get a new phone if I signed up for a plan with Rogers. What? My phone is only a year old and it is red. I like that it is red. My phone was a gift and that also pleases me. I didn’t want a new phone. Trying desperately not to sound ridiculously stupid and materialistic, I tried to plead my case to the Rogers guy. No deal. As he then tried to sell me a Blackberry instead for the low, low price of about $50/month, I reminisced about the early days of having my red phone. I was always very careful with it and even left the plastic protective sheets on it until they literally fell off. Once the plastic finally came off, I polished it and made sure there were as few fingerprints as possible on it.

When I finally snapped out of it, I looked down to see both a pink and a black Blackberry sitting in front of me. Luckily, I was strong enough to say right then and there that unfortunately, I didn’t think I would use it since I was not in business. I then realized that I was being ridiculous and that this phone was a small material item for which I should not be placing that much sentimental value. I agreed to the plan and was then given the choice a variety of phones. I then had to go into another schpiel of explaining that it had to be a Motorola phone and that my old phone was a gift from a friend who worked at Motorola and the least I could do was continute to support that company. He did look at me in an odd kind of way. Perhaps it was my wording…I seem to recall saying I needed to protect my friend’s job at Motorola. A little extreme I admit but I seemed to get my point across. I was given a choice of a black phone or a silver one. I chose silver secretly knowing that I could keep that one shinier than the black one.

The Rogers guy went to the back and returned with my new phone in the box. In one swift movement, he opened the box, pulled out the phone and peeled off all three protective wrappers. I gasped! How could he? How dare he? He clearly saw me gasp and looked at me with an eyebrow raised.

“Is something wrong?”

How could I explain this? The wrapping stays on until nature pulls it off?? I could protect that phone for at least a few weeks with the wrapping. Not wanting to share this latest and oddest piece of information I simply replied: “Oh nothing. It’s fine.”

Perhaps this was what I needed to A) realize that this was just a material item and nothing more and B) prevent myself from turning into one of those people that keeps the protective plastic on their couches.



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  1. samantha

    you are just like John! He loves to keep the protective layer on the phones!! I am like Rogers guy, I rip them off!

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