25 From A to Z

With the flood of new notes that people are posting on Facebook these days, I thought I would take the time to combine two that I liked, and post them on here. The first of my faves is the “25 Random Facts”. This allows the writer total freedom to share 25 quirky and interesting facts about themselves in no particular order. The second post I like is the A to Z one. I like this one because it was a post where the writer comes up with the names of people in their lives that begin with each letter of the alphabet. I like this one because it allows the author to say nice facts about the people they love. I choose to post on this venue rather than facebook for the simple fact that only the people I am close to have access to this blog. This begs the following questions: Who are these posts really for? Are they for the readers or is their real purpose an exercise in a bit of self-realization for the author? I guess we’ll find out!

26 Random facts and special people from A to Z

1. A – Adam – A daily influence. The missing piece of logic from my brain. My brother.

2. B – Brad – An inspiration. Hilarious. Quirky, like me.

3. C – Chocolate – I can eat this at any time of the day. If it were socially appropriate and healthy, I’d eat it for breakfast.

4. D – Dancing – I tell people I don’t like to dance but the truth is, I’m not a very good dancer and therfore don’t really like it. I secretly wish I had the grace of a dancer though.

5. E – Evan – My favourite name.

6. F – Fire – There is something mesmerizing about fire. I, like many people become hypnotised by any open flame.

7. G – Gillian – One of my best friends. I like the way she throws herself into any story or problem I tell her. She doesn’t just sit there and listen but asks challenging questions that make me see different sides of it.

8. H – Heart – I think with my heart. It gets me into a lot of trouble but I know no other way.

9. I – Impatience – My family accuses me of this – and rightfully so. It is a definite weakness.

10. J – Japan – I would like to travel to Japan one day.

11. K – Korea – I’m constantly amazed at how much I miss this place. A place I used to refer to as the “armpit of Asia”. I miss it so much, it aches.

12. L – Latte. The greatest dessert/drink ever.

13. M – Mark – See “A” but without the logic bit. Mark’s brain works like mine, except he is just a little more obsessed with food than I am.

14. N – New York – The last place I traveled and a city that made me believe that bigger really is better.

15. O – Obama – I love this man. No surprise there though.

16. P – Poo – I talk about it a lot. I do try to remember Regan’s words of wisdom though: “Don’t talk about poo in front of guys”. Awww…crap I did it again, didn’t I Reg…

17. Q – Quirky – I am quirky but what most of you don’t know is that I’m quirkier than you all realize. I hold back a lot!

18. R – Regan – HUGE inspiration. Where do I start with this guy? The reason this blog exists. The motivation behind my current job and a breath of fresh air every time I talk to him.

19. S – Samantha – One of my oldest and best friends. She knows me more than I realize it at times and still has the same sense of humour she did when she was 8.

20. T – Travel – I miss it so much. Travel fills me up and makes me a better person.

21. U – Ukulele – Thanks to my little cousin, I’m now the proud owner of one.

22. V – Value – I’m learning to live my life with a greater awareness to the amount of value I place on things, situations and people. I believe this is one of the keys to finding balance and happiness in life.

23. W – Water – I love water. I love to drink it. I love to be in it. I love to be near it. The way it smells, the way it sounds. I love it.

24. X – Xana – I taught a student named Xana. A very cool name for a very cool teenager.

25. Y – Yoga – I don’t practice it regularly yet, but I will realize in the future, that practicing it will be vital to my daily living.

26. Z -New Zealand (yeah, I cheated a little). The place I would most like to live other than here.


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2 responses to “25 From A to Z

  1. Regan Ross

    You’re a gem! Thanks Kelly!

    And “P” … you’re right.

    Discretion, not excretion.


  2. samantha

    Aw…thanks for the shout out! I am glad I am still 8…in one way at least!

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