Michael Jackson

August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

Hearing the tragic news today of the passing of Michael Jackson made me realize two things: 1) Despite how screwed up Michael Jackson became over the years, he had a much larger impact on me than I realized and this was only felt when I heard the news. 2) Just how different our world is with new technology.

I will remember the Michael Jackson from the Jackson 5. Aside from being the most adorable Michael Jackson, this was the one that inspired me the most. I have watched video after video of the Jackson 5, consistently amazed at how this young kid could show so much musicality, charisma and maturity on stage. I aspire to be that person even in adulthood. Most people from my generation were impacted the most by the Thriller Michael Jackson and while I never saw him in concert and only owned a few tapes and cd’s over the years, who can deny the extent to which he permeated our lives through radio and music videos?

Finding out the news only hours after it happened while I was in my car is an amazing thing and as the news unfolded (it wasn’t actually confirmed until later on), it amazed me the extent to which people have access to information. Yes, this sounds obvious but when so many people are seeking the exact same information at the same time, through numerous sources, it really shows the awesome impact of technology. As I got home, I did the same as everyone else and was updated within minutes that the death was confirmed (also through numerous sources). This news was then communicated instantaneously by millions of people through what can only be described as one big chat room. People could express and post their reactions in a public forum for all to read. We live in an unbelieveable world.



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