Crazy Lady or Prophet?

I was on the subway today and a woman shuffled on and sat in the seat facing me. As I listened to my ipod, I only noticed her because she was carrying two large bags; one duffle bag and one shopping bag on wheels (you know, the kind you’d find in Kensington Market and would only use in Kensington Market). As she walked on, she was half tripping over these bags and was at the same time, swinging them into people’s legs. All this while speaking very loudly to herself.

Having my prime spot right next to her, I took the opportunity to listen very carefully to what she said. Here it is:

“(Full voice) He tried to kill me! Don’t trust black men in Toronto. If you see a black bus driver, get off the bus. I’m talkin’ TTC here. Sure, he looks friendly but he is not. It was because of my faith. My faith in Jesus Christ. (whispered) Jesus Christ is coming. Judgement day is upon us. (full voice) I would never date a black man from Toronto! All black men from Toronto are bad. There are plenty of good black men in the United States. He tried to kill me because I have the faith. Jesus is the saviour. (whispered)Jesus Christ is coming. Judgement day is upon us.”

This reel of a speech kept repeating through the short ride. I kept waiting for something new. Some new piece of the puzzle or new information. Perhaps a secret message that would reveal a deep truth. Nope. Just crazy.



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