Discovering my Inner Eliptical Goddess

FET8162P_ElipticalTrainerOne of the promises I made to myself this summer was to spend some time getting back to doing weights at the gym.  I don’t enjoy doing weights…at all…but I do like feeling strong.  My weight plan is simple and involves only basic resistance training.  This was to be combined with some running and biking on the side.  This morning however, as I was lifting those dumbells above my head, the eliptical machine caught my eye.  Don’t get me wrong, I had seen the eliptical machine there before and had even seen it in action but something was different this morning.  It was somehow inviting me, calling me over to step on those steps and take it for a test drive.

I got on and decided to play it safe with the manual setting.  This meant that I could simply go on for as little or as long as I liked.  I started things up and as it took me a few moments to find my rhythm, I noticed the machine was pre-programmed to go for 30 minutes.  Could I even handle 30 minutes??  As I picked up speed, I then noticed something flashing.  The machine was reading my heartrate.  I took note of the number and glanced at this little chart beside it to see if I was at the ideal heartrate.  I couldn’t tell!  I mean, all of the lights in this little graph were lit up.  I even tried to purposely slow down the machine to see if the chart changed.  Nope.  Nothing.  Once I got over that, I realized I had been on the machine for only 3 minutes.  While I wasn’t huffing and puffing, I wasn’t sure I could stand being on this thing for 30 whole minutes.  My legs were already feeling a little wobbly and if I got going too fast, I felt the machine just might throw me right off!

I promised myself I would only commit to 15 minutes.  This seemed like a manageable time.  I settled into an even steadier rhythm and tried to concentrate only on the entertainment news on the television.  The funny thing is, as I got going, the time flew by…9 minutes, 11 minutes, 15 minutes.  After that 15 minute mark, I was feeling great!  I was sweating and was enjoying bouncing around on this thing!  As you can imagine, the rest of the time flew by and I left feeling excited about the eliptical!  I was going to be an eliptical goddess!  Ok, maybe not a goddess but someone who is actually looking forward to trying it again tomorrow!




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