Is Yoga Making me Fat?

So, I’ve recently started doing Moksha Yoga. I had only tried yoga a few times and could immediately see the possible benefits from it. A friend had told me about Moksha yoga so I thought I would give it a whirl.

Conveniently, there is a studio about 5 minutes away from my house so I went in and started with a one-week pass. Having read all of the instructions on preparing myself for the class (i.e., drinking lots of water and bringing lots of towels), I set out to find my inner chi.

The emphasis from the instructors constantly is to go at your own rate and not push yourself too hard, too fast. As it turns out, you could literally just lie there on your mat and still sweat up a storm in this room.

After the first class, I was hooked. I was still very inflexible and clumsy but I could see that if I stuck with it, I would eventually get better and that feeling I get after every class (like I can conquer the world), would continue.

I’ve now gone about seven times and I’ve noticed the past few times, it seems to be getting harder. Is this because I’m trying harder? That’s what I tell myself. The poses are no different and the sequence is even similar every time.

Yesterday, I went to the class and worked hard, feeling quite dizzy by the end of class and came home and showered. As I got ready to go out last night, it felt as though my jeans were just a smidgen tighter.

WHAT? What is going on? Isn’t all of that excessive sweating also supposed to shed the pounds? Don’t I look as strong as I feel?

It took me a mere minute to realize that I simply wasn’t sucking in my stomach while trying to put my jeans on – a regular practice for pretty much all of my wardrobe.

In fact, most women since their teenage years go around sucking in their stomach all of the time. It becomes almost like a natural reflex of sorts. We almost don’t even notice when we are doing it.

I quickly fixed that problem but then realized that all of the ab work we did in the class really worked my stomach and it hurt too much to always suck it in.

So, is yoga really making me fat? No. Will I be walking around this week with my gut totally relaxed?   Absolutely.



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