Old People in Big Cars

What is it with the elderly driving large cars?  I mean, I have nothing against the elderly, nor do I have anything against big cars but putting the two together creates an automatic war zone in any metropolitan area. 

I literally feel like I’m suddenly a stealth fighter, trying to anticipate my enemy’s moves.  I mean, I was driving downtown tonight and literally, I feel this presence beside me.  A haunting, wavering, hovering presence.  A quick glance to my left revealed the enemy.  A man that had to be in his 80’s, hunched over the steering wheel, squinting his enemy stare through large, thick glasses. 

With my heightened awareness, I immediately sized up the situation.  Ok, a three lane road, not much other traffic on the road, some slushy conditions, nighttime.  If I had to speed up or brake to avoid this hazard, I could and more importantly, if I had to change lanes to get around and ahead of him I could do that as well…

The enemy crept closer beside me, taunting me by crossing over the broken lines on the road.  I slowed down a bit, allowing him to play out his attack.  He pressed on the brakes seeing that the road went downhill.  This obviously threw him off course and gave me a chance to play into his faults.  I eased by him with my guard up, only looking back to ensure he wasn’t about to pull a trick move.

Phew!  That was a close one and there are many other enemies like that out on the road.  You just have to keep your guard up and have a game plan is all.



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