The Failure of “Boobquake”

So…apparently about a week and a half ago, an Iranian senior cleric by the name of  Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi stated that women are to blame for the recent earthquakes.  It is the mere act of wearing revealing clothes that sends tremors through the earth.  Ok, so it’s not quite this simple, it is the act that then leads men astray and therefore causes corruption which in turn causes earthquakes.

In one article I read about it, the author even went so far as to use the term “boobageddon”!  Now that’s one for the new vocabulary list.

Well, little did we all know, this suggestion would be put to the test.  Led by a university student, she encouraged all women to dress in a revealing way today, to see if it would in face cause a “boobquake” or even worse – “BOOBAGEDDON”!!!

Sadly, or not so sadly, it didn’t do anything.  Of course, it is not so sad because we would not want to cause anymore unnecessary destruction to the earth but wouldn’t it be great if women’s breasts had that much power??  With a quick flash or jiggle, we could cause a crack to open up in the sidewalk, a tree to blow over or even a sudden gust of wind!  Then perhaps, depending on the variety that is out there, people could have powers to do various things!  Ah, but I digress, we, as women, of course, do not have that power but I must ask…if you did have the power of “boobageddon”, what would your power be?  Feel free to respond!



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