Snuggie – Wild Side!

Anyone who knows me, knows my utter disdain for the Snuggie.  This “revolutionary” idea is simply a cheap piece of felt with two tubes attached to it. 

Now, some people would argue that some of the greatest inventions have been based on the simplest concepts. Take the hula hoop for example.  Now that’s just a plastic circle!  BUT, there are differences between that and the Snuggie.  The hula hoop was made of semi-durable plastic AND it provided entertainment and exercise that was different than any other product out there. 

The snuggie is NOT a new idea.  It is simply an extension of an already great invention – the blanket.  However, this extension is not even an improvement on the blanket because of the cheap material used.  The material is so thin, it hardly provides the weight and warmth a blanket requires.  Through many generations, people have put their heart and souls into making blankets, knitting, crocheting, sewing and yet the Snuggie can’t even provide decent quality material?

While more people may argue that the Snuggie is functional I would argue again that this ‘new’ idea is not new at all.  In fact, if I wanted the function that a Snuggie provides, wouldn’t I simply wear my housecoat backwards?  I mean, even the material of my housecoat is of better quality!

While being appalled by a friend’s purchase of the Snuggie, I actually gave it a whirl and got exactly what I expected from it.  The utter dissatisfaction of feeling the world’s cheapest material rubbing up against my skin while it in no way provided me with any sort of snuggly feeling.  I think the Snuggie would only keep a person warm simply through the fact that the toxic material (which I’m convinced may be some sort of plastic) does not breathe at all.  I’m sure if I had tried it for any extended period of time, I would be forced to rename it the “Sweatie”.

Now, if this is not bad enough, I’ve recently discovered that the Snuggie has expanded into creating different prints on its products.  I was in a Walmart when I recently saw the “Snuggie – Wild Side!” on display.  YIKES!  This thing now comes in your choice of zebra or cheetah print!  Once again, the makers of the Snuggie took it one step too far when they made the “camel print” Snuggie.  Ummmm…camel print?  It was simply a light brown Snuggie folks, not the least bit resembling a camel of any sort! 

I’m not falling for your tricks Snuggie!  Wild Side or not, I refuse to invest my money in a product that a) already exists – I have two housecoats thank you very much, and b) is made of a material so weak, I don’t even think it would be flammable.  I think if flames even came near it, the Snuggie would simply give off a quick flash of light and turn into a pile of grey, Snuggie ash.



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