Prissy Prius Drivers

In life we have many expectations.  Many of them are expectations that are shared by those around us.  Every once in awhile though, we may be surprised by expectations we didn’t realize we even had.

I had one of those surprises not too long ago.  I was leaving the garage of my building, ready to drive out and run some errands.  I exited in my usual way, going straight towards the ramp.  While other traffic often drives toward the ramp from the right, the usual dance of hesitant approach to the intersection followed by a mutual agreement of who is going to go first, usually ensues. 

You can all guess what happened next.  I approached the intersection with usual caution, only to be left in the proverbial dust by…(are you ready for this?)…a Prius!

Not only was I annoyed by this rude act but even more so because it was a Prius.  I realized I had higher expectations of behaviour from someone who drove such an environmentally friendly car.  I guess I figured if people were kinder to the environment by purchasing that car, then they were generally kinder people.

Is this unreasonable?  I don’t think so.  I think that if you choose to purchase a Prius, there should be some sort of kindness questionnaire or test that you have to pass in order to drive that car.  A kind of test that would weed out the kinds of people who purchase a Prius just to make it seem like they are these high and mighty environmentally friendly people when really they are jerks like the rest of us and reserve that kind of a car for people who really are kinder and care more for everyone and everything around them.  Simply put, people who drive a Prius should be nice.



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