The Weak Chin Explained

A couple of weeks ago, I was away at a cottage with some friends.  I accidentally let it slip that one of my physical turn-offs were men with weak chins.  Since then, I’ve been bothered by the fact that I may not have been totally clear regarding the so called “weak chin”.  I mean, saying that I have a general dislike for men with weak chins makes me sound shallow!  While I maintain that I am not, the weak chin is simply something I have difficulty getting past.  This weekend away had me questioning whether weak chins really bothered me.  Could I get past a weak chin if  a guy had everything else going on?  Is a weak chin a deal breaker?  In my search to find the answers to these questions, I came upon a few realizations.

What is a weak chin?

A weak chin (as so wonderfully demonstrated by Teresa during the cottage weekend), is a recessed chin that appears disproportionately smaller than a person’s nose.

Exhibit A

If you were to take a ruler and hold it vertically from the tip of this guy’s nose, there would be at least a half inch gap between his chin and the ruler.

Exhibit B

This poor guy’s chin is almost a part of his neck!

So…can a person do something to fix a weak chin? Well sure, there is such a thing as chin augmentation surgery but can a weak chin be hidden by a beard?

You tell me.

Can a person get past their weak chin and be seen as attractive by people?

Unsure? Want a closer look?

So what’s the solution? While there is no solution for my picky tastes, there is a simple solution out there for those with weak chins provided to you here, free of charge.




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4 responses to “The Weak Chin Explained

  1. CDubbs

    I think my weak chin can be enhanced by my goatee. Well, you be the judge! Lol

  2. S.

    Weak chin with facial hair is even worse.

  3. The book, ‘Nutrition and Physical Degeneration,’ by Weston Price, explains the causes of the weak chin. It is a preventable deformity caused by several factors: malnutrition during pregnancy and the early years of a child’s life, and probably also poisoning from chemicals and heavy metals. Weston Price focused only on the nutritional causes of this deformity, but others (on the Weston Price website) have written articles suggesting chemical poisoning might cause it too – they noticed deformities in whitetail deer living in areas where pesticides had been heavily sprayed, for instance.

    The reason why the weak chin is viewed as ugly and unattractive is because the human face really isn’t meant to look that way. All people were meant to be beautiful, but they were prevented from developing that way due to these factors in pregnancy, infancy, and early life. The Weston Price book shows dozens and dozens of photographs of people living in primitive cultures with healthy foods and without toxic chemicals. Their faces developed properly, with strong jaws, large mouths, no crooked teeth, and with their entire bodies fully grown and perfectly shaped. As soon as these primitive people were displaced from their land and forced to live on reservations and forced to eat unhealthy, malnourishing, toxic foods, their children started being born with the typical deformities that we are all accustomed to and take for granted. This proves that the deformities are not genetic: pureblooded people from these primitive tribes still had children with the deformities when they started living a modern life, even though their parents had perfectly formed faces and bodies.

    And, the good news is that anybody can have beautiful children once again if they eat a proper diet and avoid toxic chemicals during pregnancy and during the early years of a child’s life. So even these ugly, unattractive people with horribly weak chins (and sleep apnea and breathing problems) can have healthy, beautiful children with no deformities.

  4. There has actually been studies done showing that a weak chin is caused by mouth breathing. True story as I have a weak chin and have been a mouth breather all my life. Sad life T_T

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