The Joy of Joy

About a year ago, a friend of mine posted a link to this site on her fb:


She posted it because the author of this blog and website was a close friend of hers from elementary school.  Although I also attended that same elementary school, Joy McCarthy and I were not in the same circle of friends as I was one year ahead of her.


As I first opened up the site, I was really proud of Joy!  How awesome is it that she has taken her interest and passion, and has created a successful business out of it?!  What struck me next were the wonderful videos, postings and recipes.  I have learned so much about health, wellness, nutrition and natural products.

I have always felt that I am somewhat of a paradox.  I want so badly to be this super healthy, fit, organic, vegetarian but there is this other side of me that loves a good burger, candy and is a little bit lazy.  That being said, Joy’s website and blog make me want to work harder and harder for myself and for the health that I really want.  It lifts me up when I am down and gets me excited about being healthier.

Expect future posts with reference to this wonderful site.  I plan on testing out every recipe on it!




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  1. I just spent a good half hour on that site, marking pages to reread later. Thanks for posting!

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