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The Failure of “Boobquake”

So…apparently about a week and a half ago, an Iranian senior cleric by the name of  Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi stated that women are to blame for the recent earthquakes.  It is the mere act of wearing revealing clothes that sends tremors through the earth.  Ok, so it’s not quite this simple, it is the act that then leads men astray and therefore causes corruption which in turn causes earthquakes.

In one article I read about it, the author even went so far as to use the term “boobageddon”!  Now that’s one for the new vocabulary list.

Well, little did we all know, this suggestion would be put to the test.  Led by a university student, she encouraged all women to dress in a revealing way today, to see if it would in face cause a “boobquake” or even worse – “BOOBAGEDDON”!!!

Sadly, or not so sadly, it didn’t do anything.  Of course, it is not so sad because we would not want to cause anymore unnecessary destruction to the earth but wouldn’t it be great if women’s breasts had that much power??  With a quick flash or jiggle, we could cause a crack to open up in the sidewalk, a tree to blow over or even a sudden gust of wind!  Then perhaps, depending on the variety that is out there, people could have powers to do various things!  Ah, but I digress, we, as women, of course, do not have that power but I must ask…if you did have the power of “boobageddon”, what would your power be?  Feel free to respond!



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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Last night, I attended a reunion of sorts. It was a get together of people I had once marched with in a drum and bugle corps. Being sixteen years since I had seen everyone, I was very anxious about the entire experience to the point where I almost didn’t go.

Sixteen years is a long time. Many things have happened in my life that have shaped who I am today. What could I possibly still have in common with these people? I wasn’t interested in subjecting myself to a night of awkward surface conversation. Realizing that it was my own insecurities that were coming forward rather than any real doubts about what the night would bring, I changed out of my yoga pants and long-sleeved t-shirt and got myself ready.

Pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant with butterflies in my stomach, I was relieved when I pulled up beside two old friends. It seemed everything was going to be alright after all. We settled into the table, greeting the friends that were already there. They were genuine greetings but ones that hung in the air of choked emotion. It seemed we all needed to order a drink.

I was struck by the vast change in physical appearance in some people contrasted with no change whatsoever in others. Many of the men, I wouldn’t have recognized if I had run into them on the street but many of the women struck me as looking the same as their teenaged selves. As I observed the conversations though, familiar personalities emerged and suddenly I found myself in a room where I truly recognized everybody.

How does one start conversation with someone after sixteen years? You can’t simply say: “So what’s new with you?” Ummm…well, since the age of sixteen I’ve done quite a few new things. At the same time, how can you get into any real conversation without asking about a few things from the past? The initially disjointed conversations settled into a social rhythm with the aid of one thing. Mobile phones.

It seemed that the new common denominator for discovering some commonalities among us was a technology that barely existed (and which none of us had) in the early 90’s. As things began to settle and conversation became a little more normal, I was struggling to pay attention as past memories swept through me.

I spent many nights out with these friends in my teenage years. Many nights out for dinners and many nights at various people’s houses. We never really got into any trouble but there was always guaranteed to be adventure in some form with this group. Perhaps it was because we spent so many hours on buses travelling to parades and shows but we were masters of creating our own fun with very few resources. The smallest incident had us in stitches and laughter was always present on these occasions.

As this evening progressed, that same theme emerged as we relaxed and took comfort in taking the piss out of eachother and let more of our true personalities come out. By the end of the night, my face hurt from laughing and I began to remember why I had so many fond memories of my few years in drum corps. I also realized that none of us had truly changed. Sure, we are shaped by our experiences but the essence of who we are remains the same.

We said our goodbyes and left with promises of “doing this again” and “staying in touch” and “hanging out more”. I left the night a little disappointed it had come to an end but for once, truly hopeful that something like this happens again in the near future.

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Since the build up to and the excitment following the inaugeration of Barack Obama, there have been a flurry of comments regarding the future of the Western world and the elusive man himself.

It has been interesting experiencing this important time in history but what has been even more interesting is observing people’s reactions to it all. To me, and I believe to many others, this man represents far more than just a turn in the Western world’s racist history. He even represents more than simply a right answer to eight years of absurdity.

To watch this man and how he carries himself is a lesson to us all. He has a quiet confidence that is untouchable yet very welcoming. His posture, his demeanor and his facial expressions all radiate this confidence onto others. Not claiming to be perfect yet comfortable with his great intelligence, he is a man who doesn’t discount anything yet has the courage to come to his own conclusions. When he speaks, he commands an audience. Choosing his words carefully, it is obvious that the value he places on the English language, he applies to all other aspects of his life.

All of this, combined with the dreadful state of the Western world create the perfect conditions for real change. I feel the Western world is getting to its breaking point. Mass consumerism and misplaced values have left people exhausted and defeated. People seem to be yearning for a reason to break free from the throes of modern society. You can see it in their faces when they listen to his speeches. It is not just a general hope for the future they are placing in him but a desperate hope to save themselves. I think people are starting to realize they simply cannot keep up with the frantic pace of their own egos.

The hope lies not just in future policies and actions from this man but more in people’s reactions to his leadership by example. People pick up on the fact that in spite of the mess he was left, he has already remained grounded and focused. If he can manage to continue being a strong example of someone who lives a life with true values, perhaps humanity has a hope in actively seeking that out for themselves and that, will create the real change this world needs.


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Meteorological “Events”

In catching the weather reports in the last little while, I’ve noticed that everything that is happening weather-wise, seems to be dubbed and ‘event’.

The other day we had a “wind event”. Not simply a windy day but a “wind event”. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was indeed a blustery day but I went about my daily activities as normal and other than noting a few things the wind had blown over or knocked down, it was in my opinion, rather uneventful.

A few weeks ago, we had a snowstorm warning. Apparently, to everyone’s surprise, the temperature rose and instead of snow we got…you guessed it, a “rain event”. Again, it was quite rainy but I continued to see the term “rain event” being thrown around recklessly over repeated weather reports. I didn’t understand why there was a dire need to report about rain so often in the evening. Unlike the forementioned “wind event”, which got some post event coverage showing “felled” trees (yes, another term I’ve learned watching weather reports), the rain event was not even mentioned the next day. As ridiculous as the “rain event” was in the first place, it seemed even more ridiculous to highlight the insignificance of this event even more by not even mentioning it the next day.

In this outbreak of a need for meteorologists to justify their jobs, there seems to have been an onslaught of new terminology as well as some clarification of known weather terminology. Two days ago, a woman who was reporting the weather, actually took time out of the weather report to clarify that she wasn’t using the term “blizzard” because that implied that there was a possible threat to lives with the temperatures and weather conditions. Hmmm…that’s funny. I just looked up the term blizzard, and here’s what I found:


/ˈblɪzərd/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [bliz-erd] Show IPA Pronunciation
a.a storm with dry, driving snow, strong winds, and intense cold.
b.a heavy and prolonged snowstorm covering a wide area.
2.an inordinately large amount all at one time; avalanche: a blizzard of Christmas cards. –verb (used without object)
3.to snow as a blizzard: Looks as though it’s going to blizzard tonight.

Note the above use of the term “blizzard” in a sentence. While a blizzard could possibly present some life threatening circumstances to some people, so could intense cold or even simply a body of water for that matter.

In keeping with this new weather lingo, I will end this by reporting on the weather as I see it, outside of my windows…

Well folks, it looks like another intense day filled with low temperatures hovering around the freezing mark. Notice that I mentioned the freezing mark. This means that there is only a minor possibility of people freezing mid-step if they walk down the streets. Note that there is still a threat of getting tongues stuck to poles so watch out and steer clear of this danger. There is a slight breeze right now but be warned, this could turn into a possible wind event. This could mean that the snow sitting on the ground right now could get blown around creating wet conditions on anything it touches.


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