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I had the pleasure of spending the weekend in Atlanta at a conference. While the weekend was filled with work, I did do my best to keep my eyes open to the interesting sights around me.

My flight had one stop in Philidelphia before continuing onto Atlanta and while it was still too early in the morning to be fully aware, as I settled into the lounge in Philly, something caught my eye. A man walked into the lounge and settled into on of the chairs across from me. There was nothing out of the ordinary about the man himself except for the sheer irony he brought with him on his t-shirt.  He was a man in what I guessed to be his early 20’s but looked older due to his protruding stomach. He wore the t-shirt below:


I realize that the t-shirt in and of itself is supposed to be ironic but the fact that this guy seemed to fit the ironic profile to a tee made me smile.

Atlanta itself was a pleasant surprise. I think I was expecting a bigger, busier city where I would feel as much of a cultural outsider as if I were overseas. What I saw was an open city that was divided into three sections. The fact that the city was spread out probably helped give it the open, smaller feel. The people there were beyond friendly. I could not get over just how nice people were. I’m not sure if the welcoming feel came from simple friendliness or the fact that when the security guy at the Atlanta airport greeted me with “Hey baby”, not only did it not offend me but made me feel great!

It seemed that the people who populated this city were once people who lived in small towns.  These people had clearly brought that small town charm with them.

I can honestly say that I hope I get to go back to Atlanta one day and actually see some sights rather than the inside of a convention centre.  If not for the “real” CNN headquarters or the Coca-Cola factory, at least to see the world’s largest aquarium.



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